About the last round. Liberec hockey players overcame Cologne

Liberec moved to second in Group A and in the final match on Wednesday, October 8, there is a direct duel on Oulu’s first position and play-off. Kärpät leads a point thanks to the 3: 2 win over Košice. The match was a great opportunity for the guests to play in the third minute, while Kajínek and Mikyska were eliminated simultaneously, and the German team played two minutes in five against three. Chance had Johnson and Gogulla, but Schwarz resisted. He then bonus or free bet for registration examined Stefaniszin from the angle of Bartek.

The leadership was at the Ninth minute of the White Tigers. In the power struggle he managed to face Petr Jelínek in the face. The other Bartkov chances were left unused, as well as the escape of Filippi at the end of the third.

The leadership of Liberec could increase in the 23 minute Mikyska, but the separate raid did not turn.Another goal to the network of the German vicemistra fell 32 minutes into the game. The example of Jelínek’s pass ended in the goalkeepers precisely Bulík.

“I was sick in the preparation, I did not play very much, at the beginning of the extraliga I had a track from last online bets season, so I have roughly August, but every match is better,” laughed Petr Jelínek, Who was glad to have contributed two Canadian points to the win.

“I hope there will be something else in the extralize on Friday or Sunday, even though the main thing is to win and make points. That it will be better and better for me, I feel good. And as far as the Champions League is concerned, so it will be decided in the last match in Oulu, I hope we will somehow get it up and go.We are looking at ourselves to make a good result, “Jelinek added.

The Pfohl and Ohmann tried to fight, but the White Tigers’ defense hit in time.

In the last minute of the second act, The biggest pressure during the game, two shots in the immediate vicinity of Schwarz resisted, but eventually capitulated seven seconds before the end of a third on Sulzer’s shot.

The final act brought a balanced game, chances were on both sides. The score was then 49 minutes into the match, but it was obvious that the players of Ohmann were more interested in the away of their opponents.On the other hand, Vampola Bartka called, but the Liberec shooter just missed the goal.

The Cologne pressed the Falco’s elimination and the home team settled in the offensive third, but without a goal effect. The final minute power play was a great deal of Mobile betting pressure, but the White Tigers had the strongest victory.

The security of the eighth finals before the final matches of the main groups played on October 7 and 8 have only three Swedish clubs Linköping, Skelleftea and Lulea. Of the Czech teams there are also Sparta and Třinec in Prague next to Liberec, the theoretical hope still lies in Zlín.

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