Freedom for Brought Night: I was looking at the phone for an hour an hour

With 13.67 he took the semifinals in 18th overall.

He then came to the reporters and his first words were, “I apologize to the fans who have to look at this. I’m sorry, because it was definitely not the performance I wanted to give. “

His disqualification from the start – due to the deliberate dismantling of the obstacle – the Czechs managed to cancel. But in order to run the semi-final he needed to confirm the previous disqualification of Jamaican rival Carter.He was fighting for the Czech protest.

Freedom believed that the final verdict would be learned on Tuesday before falling asleep.

But the reality was different.

“I definitely did not want my preparation for the semifinals to be all night long waiting on the phone for a message from Tomáš Janků or from Tomáš Dvorak when he writes me: Petean, it’s there or Petean, it did not work out. I was looking at the phone at night for an hour, I could not concentrate.”

It was only Tuesday, at three-twelfth, when Tomáš Janků learned,” Liz, it’s there. “Like the last World Cup in Beijing, after the Czech protest, he squeezed through the semifinalists at the last minute.

“Then I jerked around the room and wondered how to make that night. I tried to go to bed for an hour, but I remember the same hour every ten minutes. I’m still wondering what I could do for a good result for a good result from yesterday’s night. “

The semifinals themselves did not succeed from the very beginning, they slept right at the start. “As if I had a good morning there, they gave me a meter and a half.I tried to catch up with the power, but I sat down again and kicked in the hurdles. “

Of the ten obstacles on the track, he dropped seven. The final 18th place was two races worse than last year at the Beijing championship.

“It’s nothing to pat on your back,” he balanced. “But there are also circumstances that accompanied me this year, torn grooves and more. I went back to the Olympics, but I’m sorry I did not have the optimal shape for her. Although he is eighteen among the black and white boys, he is also good. “While on the run in Rio he claimed to have been overheated, this time as if he were subdued at the semifinal.

rather exhausted. But these are excuses. I do not want to excuse myself.It just was. “