Litvinov, never a master! Does the team crowd around Ručin band of opponents?

“It matters if they keep the cadre together. But I do not see them in the following season down, “says František Branda, who played the league in the 1973/74 season for the neighboring Chomutov and his son Daniel played for Litvínov.

Frenchman abroad, veteran Ručinský in a hockey pension, Cannister Petrushko back in Russia, do not God coach Rulik with Burning fuck. If there was a black script in a yellowish team, this year’s golden fever would be very rare. After all, coach Radim Rulík at the club website has admitted: “A bunch of both the guys-players and the implementation team do not have to meet each year.Therefore, we are doing our best for this year’s success; Not so much because of the fact that since the last Litvinov final has been over for 19 years. “

For the goalkeeper of the Frenchman, it is probably the ideal time to move on in his career. Either go east to the KHL, or reverse the Overseas Challenge.He’s twenty-four, and the extraliga is getting tight. “The goalman always makes at least 40 percent success, the French can be even more,” Branda thinks. “But Litvinov has a smell on the goalkeeper, he pulls out other guys from the North Bohemian region.”

Among other things, Ústí nad Labem, which the coach of Litvínov goalies Zdeněk Orct is already modeling for extralig parameters. Defense of Branda, who regularly plays Litvínov’s matches in extra-league play-off, is not afraid at all. “Beky have youngsters, this year they have improved a lot.They have the future. “Only the Olympic champion Jiri Sligr is not worth the time on the eternally sore backs, but only on the back as a coach.

It is also uncertain whether another member of the golden generation of Czech hockey will continue his career Martin Ručinský , A 44-year-old return to representation. Every year he thinks, but he keeps extending it on and on. “He will say again at the last minute, but it does matter to him, why would he end?” Branda asks a rhetorical question. Maybe Ručinský will follow the guideline that the best is to end at the summit.

The king of productivity of the basic part of Hübl will be in the next season of 37 years, his partner Lukeš Christ thirty-three. “They will be a year older, maybe a quarter step slower.But these guys are playing it, “Branda does not expect a performance drop.

But if there’s a chance and a form now, why not let her down? The Hockey Bastion wants to quieten the flag fans of their opponents and to say to them: “Litvinov, never a Czech champion!”