No more hair and no winner. I’ll be back, motorcyclist Hanika believes

“I did not expect to fight for the 20th or 25th place this year, that’s the biggest disappointment for me.”

At the weekend, Hanika will be present at the Moto3 Grand Prix in Brno. “It is an opportunity to show off and to make the best ones,” says Brno native. He was in an unusual position in the last 13 training sessions on Masaryk Circuit in which he took the 13th place. As a rider, the organizers have given the wild card.

The chanting talent has explored the previous two years in the weakest cubat of the MotoGP series. When he wanted to prosecute the best, he erred and fell. That’s why he made the Red Bull KTM Ajo elite before the season.But even in the low-cost Platinum Bay Real Estate team there was no change. “When you get out of the best team where there is less money and everything, it’s about getting to know the results and the techniques,” says Hanika.

And his quest unexpectedly continued, in the middle of June he got a parachute. “I’m mentally cool. I know I have it, and when I continue to work, I believe it will be possible to go back, “says the former Red Bull Rookies Cup winner, or the future stars championship. In the last weeks, however, Hanika watched Rossi, Márquez et al. just on television. And he suffered. “It was hard to see at the races,” admits a Czech rider who has found a job in the junior world championship.

The German Freudenberg Racing team will also be present in Brno.Together with Jakub Kornfel, a Moto3 colleague, they will be the only Czechs at weekend races. “My personal success is different, but I believe that at least fans would be happy if I appeared on points,” says Hanika.

As his curls grow, his belief is growing to return to the world series as permanent participant. “It’s totally unrealistic in Moto3. The bike also comes slow and does not make me much, “she smiles. A stronger machine could sit next year in Moto2. “But there are supersports, a junior championship or other category in the game.”