Red Bull Salzburg – Vitória SC Guimarães

Austrian Salzburg is one foot in the spring phase of the European League, and it has not played once in the four previous games of Group I. Now he will play the role of a big favorite with the Portuguese club Vitória SC Guimarães and, under certain circumstances, he can get a point. Red Bull has eight points in the leaderboard and has a two-point lead ahead of the French Olympique Marseille.

Salzburg, with his quarterback opponent, drew just 1: 1 at the start of the group. He immediately managed to beat Marseille 1: 0 and then succeeded in Konyaspor after a 2-0 draw. However, with the same opponent three weeks ago hesitated, before his own fans failed to score goal and gained only a point after indecisive free-rider ratio. If he can manage Vitoria now, no one else will be able to make up for the thirty-two best EL.

Austrian selection can also secure the first position if it gets three points and Marseille in concurrent engagement does not beat Koynaspor. If Red Bull wins the Betclic welcome bonus draw, he needs a French second rider to stop at least a second. In the home competition he is quite decent, and after fifteen rounds he is the first with thirty-four points two before Sturm Graz.

“We were able to make the move against Konyaspora, so we have a situation in our hands, we have to enter the match with Vitória concentrate from the very beginning, and we must not underestimate our opponent, who can be threatened by standard situations and is very dangerous after rapid counter-attacks. Quality should be on our side, on the other hand we need to make the most of it, “said Red Bull coach Marco Rose.

The Portuguese club was considered to be the biggest Unibet online free bets outsider of this group, and at the moment it still has a chance to advance. If he wants to keep hope, he probably needs to win. He won four points in the four rounds, after losing to Salzburg with a 1: 2 match in both Konyaspor and Marseille. The big surprise took the last time against Marseille when he won 1-0. In the Portuguese League, after eleven eight rounds, the fourteen points are played.