Slovaks won with the Germans 5: 2 and advanced to quarterfinal

Officials: Kaukokari (FIN.), Öhlund (Nor.) – Wust (Switzerland.), Malmqvist (Nor.), Excluded: 4: 2 to 2 min, power plays: 0: 1 dilution: 0: 0, shots-35:30, 5568 spectators

MONTREAL. Slovak ice hockey team in 20 years to succeed on the world junior championship in Canada in their final performance in the A-group, when on Tuesday in Montreal defeated selection Germany 5: 2 and secure a promotion to the quarterfinals.

wards coach Ernest Bokros meet the basic objective of which traveled overseas – Do not worry about saving and play in the playoffs. Kenya online sports betting

Young Slovaks certainly end up in the group of the thirdplace and fight for semifinals waiting duel against another team from Group B to be played in Toronto.

In a very important fight, the Slovak team developed trojgólový lead already in the first third, the keeper Šaripová gradually overcome Lantos, Rewa a Sukeľ.

Before the first siren, although corrected in Tiffels power play, but after a goalless second dvadsaťminútovke added another precise intervention captain Rewa.

The second time Nemec scored and Tiffels that Godla overcame the penalty shot for a foul Černáka.Martin Réway to complete a hat-trick “bend” up another goal in the German power-play rival.

Slovak players have the next two days off, waiting quarterfinal match on Friday 2 January 2015.

glimmer of hope for the Germans drawing about 90 seconds later Tiffels, who scored from a penalty shot his second hit in exact match.

Room Stick youth hockey players from under the Tatras brought Réwaya goal in the online betting promotions 45th minute. The attacker of Sparta Prague again shows an overview of the game when he Šaripová mistake goalkeeper, gate for his artfully took the puck and scored.

Skalica returned to the ice but out of respect for going into a challenge Holenda.Both have weakened survivors.

In the second period we keep ahead, but we will play weakening in 33 minutes, going out Skalica.

Although our increased to 3: 0 after a good combination, but the Germans rebound in powerplay reduced to 1: 3rd

Goals 11.

Schmidli (Hischier), 12 Fiala (Malgin, Meier), 33 Meier (Siegenthaler, Malgin) – 18 Björkstrand (Ehlers, Eller), 33 Krogsgaard (Hertzberg, Aagaard ), 36 Aagaard (Olesen), substantial ramp Björkstrand

After the exclusion of the two on either side of the decision at regular time not produced, and the extension decision and ramps. Shots on goal after 60 minutes, were 42:19 for the Swiss.

Daniel the 36thminutes, settled and get current point ahead of the Czechs in Table B-group.

The Swiss Rifle are also active in the second period, although the Danes leveled, but already about 24 seconds back young Swiss leadership Meier.

The tenth and eleventh shot of Swiss mean two goals. Danes but decreased Shots on goal after the first period 13: 6th

In the middle of the first period lead on Swiss Shots on goal 9: 3, did not use two power plays.

The gate are Descloux Gauthier and Georg Sörensen. Sweden 1 3 3 0 0 0 13 5 9 2 Russia 3 1 1 0 1 12 5 5 3rdDenmark 4 0 1 2 1 4 10:15 4. Switzerland 3 1 0 1 1 4 8:13 5 Czech Republic 3 0 1 0 2 2 8:13 remaining program groups:

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