The basketball ULEB, no longer with the Czechs, chose the former Real Real star

Reason for the Czech end? “ULEB, founded 25 years ago, has increasingly lost its influence since 2008 on clubbing in continental basketball, which mainly concerned Euroleague, and virtually virtually nothing could change fundamentally”, says Kooperativa NBL. >

The National Basketball League joined the ULEB in 2004. At the first start of Nymburk in ULEB Eurocup in the autumn of 2007, the participation in the Union for the Czech League was a condition of its connection to the competition.

Since the aforementioned 2008 , when ULEB lost its influence, its importance diminishes. “Then it was just a year’s fee of 4,000 euros for membership, and nothing was worth bookmakers comparison it back.There was no added value, so we have decided to step out after meeting with the clubs. We did not want to spend money on something that did nothing to us, “the chairman Tomas Kotrc described the decision-making process in NBL League Club Association.

” Moreover, at the moment NBL became part of the newly formed FIBA ​​Champions League Champions League), which is now a co-owner, lacked another membership in ULEB sense.The Champions League is now the future for us and with it, of course, the FIBA ​​Europe Cup, “added Kotrč.

It is to be added that ULEB itself has become a shareholder in the new basketball Champions League. > Kooperativa NBL announced its appearance at the Thursday ULEB General Assembly in Barcelona through its representative, Jiří Zídek. The Czech top prize was no longer part of the election of a new chairman, Tomas van den Spiegel, who has just been shining on the decks. Maybe in the CSKA Moscow and Real bet live Madrid jerseys. Van den Spiegel ended his career two years ago, since then he has worked as a consultant at the Bakala International Sports Academy, Belgian Play Sports Analyst and FIBA ​​Player.He is now replacing Eduard Portel.

Will he still serve a smaller number of members? Are the Czechs going to emulate some other leagues? “Most of them are now tramping down and do not want to do that. But they do not give them anything in ULEB, as their representatives have confirmed to me at personal meetings. And the same step we are doing now is considering, “said Kotrc. However, according to him, the actual performance does not mean that NBL would never return to the ULEB’s wings in the future. “We do not have closed doors,” said ALK Chairman NBL.