Zuzula’s medal dreams

AARE. After third place in the second round of the supercombination slalom, Veronika Zuzulova’s chances for a very good result in today’s slalom.

Although agencies and experts do not name her name among direct medalists, it is in the broader field of applicants.

He has a right to claim. In the season, the World Cup came four times to ten, once even on the 3rd place in Kranjska Gore and is the 7th place in the slalom rating.

On the other hand, it is true that it has not done so at the top events so far. This is a one-off onslaught, and Alps rivals can risk, because a good colleague is waiting for them.

Zuzula at the Salt Lake ZOH fell, similarly to MS in St. Louis.Antone (2001) and Santa Caterine (2005).

At that time, the state and the leadership of the telly stood at her back and fought for the mere existence of its action.

Now it’s fine. In Aare he was in 21st place in the huge slalom and the 9th place in the supercombination was a revival of hope.

In the north, he gets used to it. In the 2001/2002 season, he finished in the Aaron slalom in 10th place, in Finnish Levi on the 9th lap.

The line that suits Zuzula’s profile and technical parameters is trembling. “Slalom is a very complicated discipline. It also depends on whether it will be driving from a higher start, what a long track will be.But it’s all the same for all of us, “says our snow-dancer number 1.

Zuzula has had very good preparation in North America before this season and her fruit has been reflected in the results of the World Cup.

“I was thinking in the season that there would again be a peak that I have to focus on. I’m already dreaming that I would like to have a good time at the top one-time event. Unlike previous highlights, I’m fine this time. I’m not saying that this is the basis of some medal success. It depends on how the first round comes out. If super, I can go on the second with satisfaction.If not, I’m trying to, “she thought.

According to Zuzul, Austria’s biggest favorite is golden Austrian Schild, then her compatriots Hospo and Zettel, Sweden Pärson and Borssen, Finka Poutiainen.

The possible duel of the Czech-Slovak duo Záhrobská – Zuzulová does not respond.

Veronika entered the season not only successfully but also renewed. She has also been presented as a clever model in recent years, she has been doing super-modern hair treatments. Now she has focused on clothing and equipment. The dresses are decorated with popular hibiscus, frames of different colorful hearts.

Aare also came with a specially adapted clip on skiers, which was edited by the second coach Vladimír Kovár.It is in Slovak national colors. On the back of the overalls is Keep smiling – Always smiling.

He, as well as his ministry, believe that tonight there will be a wide smile in Aare. We’ve already waited a lot!

Veronica could slip its slalom result between this reality. It ended in the 9th, 7th, 5th and 3rd place.